User has to post contents at acceptable frequency not only for self, but also for the sake of Following and Followers. Participation in the dialogue is a way to general consensus.That's why Newslets is designed to close any account that is not active for 90 days. Inaction on any user's part is a loss for all those who are in the Following and Followers. It is also against our principle of "Follow Objectively". Others who expected benefits from a User's posts and engagements are not met in absence.

Analytics part of Newslets is directly relational to a user's expectations in the milieu of being a part of the Following and Followers. This is the Universe one has chosen objectively to serve, receive/earn benefits from, and to give benefits to. Like "Defollow" is an action when someone cuts someone from Following after some following is done. It is a loss on both sides.

That's why Newslets imposes equal penalty (minus of 7 points) for both doer and receiver. The receiver is also at Fault for following someone who thinks that he/she is not worth following, of not becoming up to a standard, or being disturb for not getting any tangible benefits from being in the loop.

There are plenty of behavioral metrics in the Analytics which indicate to operational part of the account. Frequency of Posts indicate the direction of the user or what it wants to achieve. How the posts were made indicates seriousness of the user in developing quality contents. Which type of engagement it received and how many of each type indicates quality of the contents in terms of others' perspective. Engagements given to others' posts indicate degree of interests in the relations.

Your Social Score is derived from the essence of those self assessments in terms of Platform's sustainability and continuation. It is looking after developing a congenial atmosphere for everyone to benefit from