Basic Questions : Platform Related

  1. Do I get points on each type of Engagement I make on others' Posts ? YES
    Do I get points when others' make Engagements on my Posts ? YES
    Can I Delete and Edit my Posts ? YES but
  2. Do you rate Frequency of Posts ? YES low medium high
    How do you assign points on Posts uploaded ? Text Only or Text With Visual
  3. Do you charge Premium, or take Ad or "boost your post" for Posts to get organic reach ? NO
    What are the goodness in your Post Flow Model ? Read Why
    Will you send all of my Posts to all of my Following and all of my Followers ? YES
    Would I receive all Posts from all of my Following and Followers ? YES
    What if I do not open a Post(s) I received in my present session ?
    What if any of my Following and Followers skip my Post(s) in present session ? Read what happens
    What is Headline Micrblogging at Newslets ? Read About
  4. What are the Beneficiary categories at Newslets ? Read Who & Why
    Do I have to develop a Following of Beneficiaries ? YES
  5. Is it true that all of my Follow Move are accepted by Default? YES
  6. Can I continue making Follow moves as I wish since all of my Follow Moves are
    made accepted by Default ? YES but
  7. Can I Unfollow ( or as Newslets term it as Defollow ) anyone if I think
    the user does not fulfill my "objective"? YES but
  8. How many types of Forms do you offer to upload Posts ? Five
    Who will use 1000 Words Form and why ? Professionals only Form
  9. What do I do if I face any problem in opening the account?
    What do I do if I face any problem as a User of Newslets? Solve problem
  10. How can I do Microblogging at Newslets? Read How
    Can I do marketing of Posts using my Headlines? Yes
  11. Can I open multiple accounts in the same category as Person ? NO

User Category Related

  1. How many IDs do a user from User Anonymous Category will have ? TWO
    Which ID will go with Posts ? Both IDs...BUT
    What is Numerical ID for ? Keeping User Anonymous
    Why do a user need 2 IDs for ? Read Why
  2. Why do I have to be Anonymous ? Read why
  3. User to User of same class are not Anonymous to each other, Right ? YES
  4. Can a user from User Anonymous Category follow any or all Beneficiary Categories ? YES
    Can any user from Beneficiary Category follow an User ? YES but
    In what way an user of User Anonymous category and users from
    Beneficiary categories will interact ? Read How

Social Journalist Related

  1. What is Social Journalism at Newslets ? Read About it
    What is Netizen they talk about ? What is the difference ? Read About
  2. Do I have to do a Local Location Beat for Social Journalism ? YES
    Do you need to verify my identity before allowing me an account ? NO but
    Do I have to be educated or experienced in journalism ? NO
    Is there any education program offered on Social Journalism ? YES
  3. What type of News must I report more than others ? Developmental News
  4. Can I use SnapStory Format for uploading Breaking News ? YES
  5. How can I become a Graduated Social Journalist with Newslets ? Read How
  6. What are the benefits if I Graduate ? Read About
  7. What if my News is included in the daily editorial Newsletter ? Read About

Organization Category Related

  1. Who do you consider as Organizations ? Read in Details
    Why do you consider Government & Governance as Organization ? Read Why
    Why are Members of Parliament
    Traditional Local Leaderships/Chiefs treated as Organization ? Read Why
    Why are Political Parties considered as Organizations ? Read Why
  2. Can Organizations have separate "Authorized 3rd Party Users" to do
    content creation and maintain the account ? YES but
  3. Why do you consider any Issue Based Situation as Organization ? Read Why

Brand Category Related

  1. Who are considered Brands at Newslets ? Read About
    How will multinational Brands use Newslets under Brand category ? Read How
    Can an individual product be considered as Brand ? YES but
  2. Can small local businesses have account under Brand Category ? YES read why
    Can local Smaller Chain(s) have multiple location specific account ? YES
  3. Can eCommerce businesses have account under Brand category ? YES
  4. How come Freelancers can have account under Brand Category
    when they are persons and operate in Personal name ? Read Why
    Will Newslets offer Freelancers payment services ? YES
  5. How come Professionals can have account under Brand Category
    and also have account under Celeb Category ? Read why

Celeb Category Related

  1. How does Newslets concept of Celeb Category differs from popular notion of Star Celebrity ? Read How
  2. Who determines who is Celeb or not ? What are the criteria ? Read About
  3. Can I have a Celeb Category account while I have an account under User Anonymous Category ? NO
  4. Can a Professional have an account under Celeb category ? YES but