Newslets promotes local affairs objectively. A local Doctor taking care of HIV patients with humane touch is our Celeb. A local budding Soccer Player worth seeing learning new techniques. A promising Vocalist, a promising Artist or a Photographer or a Video storyteller or a local Socal Journalist or a young local Writer/Blogger worth reading, a young local Social Worker, an Activist doing Advocacy worth supporting; even a promising Local Entrepreneur are our most valued Celebs.

Even a Cousin who is a go-to-figure is a Celeb of all following Cousins. The guy who keep you laughing at gossips is a Celeb. Because they create moments of happiness for you. We want to cherish them with locally based Followers who are also on the Newslets Platform.

If you fall in any of this criteria, go ahead Crate an Account with Newslets.

Newslets will propose you to your would be Followers mostly based at your Location. We will propose you to the Followers who are at other places around the world who are interested in what you do from your Location. As for example, if you are a Local Soccer Hero, thousands of international Soccer Talent Recruiters will Follow your development through your profile. If you are a local budding Cricketer, league clubs around the world might keep eye on your performance for sign up. Your Followers will be watching you, hearing you, reading you, feeling your essence in whatever you do, will make Engagements with your Posts.

Inspire your Followers to follow you closely and emulate goodness. Best way to keep in touch with your Followers is to write Storytelling Notes for them, so that they know what you are up to, and how you are trying to achieve your goals. Make your journey as if it is also their journey, get mental support from the Followers. There is no price you can pay when they cheer your move as spectators, as Supporters, as readers.

Newslets Posts Flow Model is unique. It distributes a Post to all who you will be Following. All of your Followers will receive your Post at their timeline until they open. You can continuously grow your Follower Baseline from your Headline alone. Once you become a Graduated Celeb, Newslets will share Local Ad revenue with you because local advertisers would love to reach your Following and Followers through your Posts.

2 ways to upload your Stories at your Newslets account. 1. Snap -a -Story 2. Write your Notes