Social Journalists' are based within the people they want to serve. Usual media houses are constrained with self censorship in reporting News. Social Journalists' have the option to overcome bias, self-censorship, thereby report News with required hon-esty. Social Journalists do journalism out of conscious. Their News are authentic.

Newslets is a Platform for free minded people who want to be socially responsible in their actions. We urge you to do the job for your own satisfactions of serving your people where you live with people, you love the location. You want development of the people and the location.

Who will be your Followers ?

Local people will Follow you for News as if you are their only news channel. People who are away from the location for dif-ferent reasons will Follow you for Local News.

Organizations and businesses of the Local Location will seek News from you. People from overseas (living at Diaspora) who originate from this location will follow you. All people who came into contact of this location will Follow you for News.

People always look for News from the places they have most reference level and empathy. Moreover, foreign media houses (online and offline) always seek local news they cannot cover for cost reasons. You will be astonished to see the width and breath of readership of your Local News.

Newslets will send your News to all of your Following and all of your Followers. So we guarantee 100% readership on each News you publish. Newslets has another unique method in developing your Follower baseline. Headline of your News will be send to Universal Stream as Microblog. If anyone click on the Headline Platform will render whole News. Many will send Follow request from headlines thus enlarging your Followers news by news.

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