Branding is a process of building reputation, maintaining reputation, and possibly increasing reputation with necessary stake-holders. Branding is a force seen and felt. No product or business ever born with a brand name. Branding is a specific personal journey. The destination may seem far, but reachable only with constantly engaged marketing efforts.

There is a general misconception about branding, that, only multinational or wider marketing perimeter constitutes branding, which is not true at all. Branding must belong to the core of the business, not to the size or scale of the business. Your creativity in using the capacities of Newslets as communication medium will add up success in branding of reputation of your business. Try to recognize the power of Posts Flow Model of Newslets and use this model creatively.

Newslets is designed with "local factors" in mind. Each business has to survive on the customers who reside within a radius. That's the core support each business needs to communicate effectively. Effective communication is only possible when distri-bution of Posts and Updates are 100% confirmed, and free from monetization.

What you get when you create an account as Brand(s)

  1. Platform will send your Posts simultaneously to both of your Following and Followers.
    * Your contents get 100%+ free exposure organically with all of your Following
    *Following > those who you are following to achieve your objectives.
    * Your contents get 100%+ free exposure from all of your Followers
    *Followers > Those who are following you for their objectives on your Brand.
  2. You will be able to Post and Upload your Contents using special formatted Form. You will select the lengths of your Posts from options of 99/150/200/1000 words. You will be able to add picture/selfie/graphics/video to make your story appealing with contexts.
  3. Headlines of your Contents will be treated as Microblogs and will be send to Platform Universal Stream. Universal Stream consists of all the users of the Platform minus your Following and Followers. Each of your Post is capable to fetch unlimited Followers to your Brand.
  4. You will be able to build your total Following baseline according to Platform's principle of "Follower Acceptance by Default". When you select to Follow from Brand, Social Journalist, Organization, or Celeb categories, the request is accepted by Default.
  5. It means that quality of your Contents at reasonable Branding Frequency will keep your Following base also following you. It means you have larger customer baseline who will read whatever you prepare for them ( Platform will send your posts again and again until it is opened ).

Have a look at some tools to help your Brand :

  1. Your Headline as Microblog will generate unlimited Followers from within radius and beyond.
  2. Your Contents may enter #Trending stream and get wider exposures.
  3. Snap-a-Story. You can post any Content anytime as Branding News. Small but powerful way to manage customer relations, inform about deals, introduce new products, offer coupons, run loyalty programs, disseminate business info visually..
  4. Contents upload Forms. Choose from 99/150/200/1000 words.
  5. You can build Following targeting your immediate local customers and a wider radius. Anyone you want to Follow is accepted by Default.

Freelancers and Professionals as Brands

At present Freelancers/Professionals mostly work at different Marketplaces which provide jobs and clients. Thay bid for each and every job posted by any client. At times unlimited Free-lancers and Professionals from multiple countries bid for the same job. As a result huge amount of pre-bid Manpower Time invested in 1 single job which only 1 person does later on.

Only beneficiary of this process is the owner of Marketplace who try to bring prices down as low as possible for the benefit of Clients. Because Marketplaces will continue to own Clients, so they designed the Marketplace similar to historical Slavery Model. Freelancers/Professionals are virtually in Holding Pen. Freelancers/Professionals can never own a Client even after working for many years.